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Do you have any questions for us? Looking for information about transport of a mobile home and caravans, looking for costs and terms of sale? Here you will find all the F.A.Q. of Holiday Van, consulted to clarify any doubts.
1 - Where can mobile homes be viewed?
Holiday Van's mobile homes are viewable at the exhibition and storage centers located at:

via Giovanni Lo Zano, s.n.c.

via Giuseppe Vaccaro n. 11/3 at Ropa Caravan Center
2 - Where do the used mobile homes in the ads come from and how long have they been used?
Used mobile homes come from the best camping in Europe and have been used for up to 5-6 seasons for a period not exceeding 3 months per year. In some cases there are semi-new, the result of a retreat at tourist facilities for various reasons.
3 - Can they be parked anywhere? Can you park them either in an agricultural land or in a restricted area?
In order to park used mobile homes in a restricted area, it is advisable to homologate them for urban transport, while in farmland they can be parked without homologation, maintaining the wheels in operation and avoiding to carry out any type of construction work (masonry items, cement etc ..)
4 - What do I need to register a mobile home?
To register a mobile home, you can bring the trailer to the factory for the application of the braking and lighting systems, to ask for a circulation book (the most expensive solution), or you need to buy a second  hand approved and numbered trailer on which to place the mobile home . Homologating the mobile home itself is more expensive because it requires changes to the structure. The cost of the second hand trailer approval is approximately 3,000 euros. While for the mobile home the cost is about 8,000 euros.
5 - How much does transport for a mobile home cost to transport it to the destination?
The cost of transporting the mobile home varies according to the destination, so it is advisable to request a personalized quote indicating the destination. Transportation can also be carried out by the customer through an exceptional transport carrier. For transport by our transporters, the cost of transport is 2.20 euros / km, with a minimum cost of 500 euros per trip (there may be economies of transport for mobile homes).
6 - Do you need technical supplies for the transport of the mobile home?
Technical stockpiles are only required if the transport of the mobile home  includes bushes, bends or mountain ranges reported by Anas and in the case of carriage more than 3 meters wide. In case the mobile home is approved for road transport, you will have to ask for permission and stock for the route to be made.
7 - Do you need special access routes for the mobile home delivery?
In order to allow the vehicle carrying the mobile home the road has to be at least 3.5 meters wide, with the possibility of maneuvering for the conveyor truck: not including mobile home maneuvering (very basic operations such as parking a mobile home ).
8 - Are there  installation costs? Do you need a crane and is this included in the price?
There are no installation or parking  of the mobile home  included, the installation of water, gas and electricity are to be organized by the customer. The transport ends with delivery and unloading of the mobile home at the address stated in the contract.
9 - Do you need a concrete base?
No, mobile homes have 4 clicks that regulate the leveling of the trailer.
10 - Is the mobile home equipped with light water and exhaust systems?
Yes, they all have light water and drainage systems and in some cases also air conditioning.
11 - Can you change the distribution and interior spaces?
The mobile home compartment is standard and no modification operations are performed on the internal compartments distribution but the customer after the purchase has the possibility to modify the distribution of the internal compartments as the mobile home is equipped with self-supporting structures.
12 - Can I ask for the construction of a mobile home for the use of an office, in which case should I present a project of realization?
Holiday Van is also involved in the manufacture of office and the construction of monoblocks. The client must submit a draft plan for the construction of the structure, which will be then analyzed by the technicians. Please contact us for more information.
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